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The EquilibriumTM platform improves care and quality of life for older adults by providing objective, precise and predictive fall risk assessment and management.

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Introducing Equilibrium™


Objective Fall Risk Testing…Anytime, Anywhere.

AgeWell Biometric’s core product is Equilibrium™, a mobile software balance assessment application that allows healthcare professionals to quickly evaluate postural stability. Equilibrium™ is revolutionizing the way seniors are monitored for signs of musculoskeletal, neurological and vestibular dysfunction.

Equilibrium™ is a user-friendly, portable solution that allows healthcare professionals to collect patient data that can then be securely delivered to their network for analysis. Easily embedded into tablets, smart phones, fall pendants, environmental motion sensors, and quantified-self devices such as the Apple iWatch, Google/Samsung Gear, and adhesive sensor patches, Equilibrium™ provides a range of custom balance testing protocols from which to choose.

Predict and Prevent Falls Before They Happen.

Included in Equilibrium™ is our AgeWell Analytics Engine that streams the sensor data to the AgeWell cloud, which then sends the quantified data back to the clinical network. Agewell provides objective, precise and predictive fall risk assessment to help identify the best course of action for the patient.

Our iOS/Android balance app platform is supported by proper regulatory clearance and a HIPAA secure infrastructure; there is never a worry.

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Why Choose Agewell Biometrics?


AgeWell Biometrics provides innovative, objective and analytical measurement of fall risk to predict and prevent avoidable injuries in seniors.

Clients using AgeWell’s services can expect to see a significant reduction in injuries and associated costs, new sources of revenue and improved well-being of the people within their communities. There are strong growth opportunities for the application of predictive analytics decisions support systems to enrich the lives of the elderly through early intervention, compliance and monitoring for a range of additional health concerns such as chronic heart failure, COPD and diabetes.


AgeWell Biometrics. The leaders in aging well.


Meet Our Management Team


Joshua Wies – CEO

A Physical Therapist for 21 years, Joshua has worked primarily with eldercare issues and rehabilitation. A noted thought leader in wearable technologies, practice management and marketing, Joshua has contributed his expertise into development of an intuitive, practical product.


Todd Walderman – CTO

25 year veteran of start-ups and innovation. Formerly VP, HT Medical Systems (Immersion Medical IMMR), CTO of Advertising.com, CEO Tribeca Tables Gaming Network – Exits through acquisition yielding in excess of 700mm to investors. Recognized by NIH, NIDR and the Smithsonian Institute

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